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Introducing the newest technology for inspection of Polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings with the use of X-Ray.  After a few years of R&D, World Wide NDT has the leading edge in third party inspections. This technology will put QC checks and balances in place for fusion technicians to make sure the operators of a Natural Gas system have a safe and reliable product being placed into service.  Just like the inspection of steel pipelines, with the use of X-Ray your product can be checked and verified before gas is introduced into the system. Even at a small percentage being X-Rayed for each project you design, you will ensure that the process is being done for a gas tight fusion that was completed correctly with a view from inside.  Let World Wide Nondestructive Testing (WWNDT) show you how and what PE X-Ray can do for your systems and your record keeping. Please feel free to contact us for more examples, questions, demonstrations, etc. We would like to hear from you and work with your construction professionals as well. Bring your construction testing methods into the 21st century.